Task 2 - Create a schedule of time for this module

As with all 15 credit modules, over the next 12 weeks you are expected to spend 150 hours completing it. More if you are struggling. We will spend 3 hours a week together (36 hours in total) – this still leaves you with 114 hours (9.5 hours per week) of your own time to timetable up.

A blank timetable has been provided for you, (Timetable). You need to fill this in with all your commitments (e.g. university modules, part-time work, alcohol addiction)

Once you’ve finished this – decide where in your timetable you will allocate your 9.5 hours per week. You know how you work best and so how best to timetable yourself. But remember you need a suitable location, somewhere that you have all the resources and will be left to get on with the work.

It should be quite simple this year as we have deliberately timetabled you up to have both Tuesday and Thursday as self-directed study. You need to be disciplined and use this time wisely. Look at the timetable for B212 and B213 and decide when you plan to work on this module.

I know it’s tempting to lie on this schedule, but planning only works if it is always an honest account of your time. If the schedule doesn’t represent the truth then you find planning only takes up valuable time and this exercise is pointless. For example, if you know you’re going to sleep in till 10 each morning schedule to start from later in the day.

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