Task 3 - Complete WBS for Famous Five Assignment

N.B. This is an individual exercise.

Over the summer you should have produced your Game Design Document for the Famous Five game prototype.

This exercise should hopefully help you decide if it is possible to complete it in the 150 hours allocated. (Remember you will probably only get around 130 hours – as some of this time is to be spent listening to me lecture)

  • Use the WBS process to breakdown your game further.
  • Use the PERT method to record your time estimates for producing the game. At the moment you will find it very difficult to create accurate estimates, do not worry about this at the moment, we will refine these throughout the module.
  • An excel spreadsheet (see files at bottom of page) has been produced for the Birthday Party plan to give you an idea. Transfer your WBS (using the PERT values) into an excel spreadsheet.
  • I want you to honestly comment on your schedule as it stands at the moment: ~150 words on its accuracy and whether you think it is a worthwhile exercise.

At the moment it is not a fully-fledged schedule, we haven’t got columns for:

  • start date
  • end date
  • % completed
  • status

We will add these in future weeks.


A .zip file titled Week1-Handin - containing:

Description Filename extension
Completed Design Document surname_design .doc
First Pass of Schedule surname_schedule_1.0 .xls
Comments surname_comments .doc

This is to be uploaded to Blackboard via the Digital Dropbox.

Deadline: Wed 7th October 6pm

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