Week 1 Tutorial – Project Management

As you will have experienced in the first year (and probably many times throughout your life) leaving work till the last minute is a really bad idea. Typically during your university time you will find there are a number of assignments due in around the same date and there simply aren’t enough hours to do a good job of everything. I expect this is the reason that many of you will give for not getting the grades you wanted.

Time management is an incredibly difficult skill and one that affects our entire lives. Most people don’t give it the respect it deserves as somehow or another we nearly always manage to get something handed in for the deadline – even if it means we have to pull a few late nights. But… this means we’re having to produce work under pressure and despite nearly everyone believing “they work well under pressure” this is a fallacy. All you managed to do was to get something handed in; I very much doubt it was your best work. You just did it because you had too. You stopped procrastinating and got your head down.

You can go and read any one of the numerous books on the market regarding personal time management (see amazon.co.uk). It’s a very lucrative area – there are only a finite number of hours in our lives, who doesn’t want to make more of them. Despite all these people selling you different solutions - it can be summarised in a few simple steps:

• deciding how much time you have
• how much work there is to do
• prioritising the work
• schedule the work up
• decide what is possible in the time
(This can be difficult. What is actually achievable and what things can we cut out in order that we complete the tasks on time.)
• actually complete the work. Stick to the schedule and complete the tasks

All the time, keeping your schedule up-to-date and revising the plan as required

This planning phase is something we want to keep short and sweet, just enough planning to keep us on track, but not so much that it impacts significantly on our available work time.

Task 1 - Complete WBS (Pair exercise)
Task 2 - Create a schedule of time for this module
Task 3 - Complete WBS for Famous Five Assignment

Any additional time this week should be spent getting hold of Unreal, the recommended textbook and getting to grips with the basics of UnrealEd.

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