Week 2 - FAQ

Here are some common problems you may come across during completing this weeks tutorial

When I start my level my player continually dies. Any ideas what has caused it?

I think it is because the wrong version of PlayerStart has been added to the level. Make sure you select it from the Actor Browser beforehand. When you select it from the menu you may see two PlayerStart options. Make sure you chose the one without the space in.

Also make sure you rebuilt the geomotry, if you dont do that its like your character is spawning in cheese.

Why does the editor crash when I try to open a .ut2 file stored in my personal space in the labs?
Unreal Editor won't take UNC pathnames (network pathnames, i.e. starting with \\ctstudent2) for loading files, much the same as Visual Studio tends to have issues with running applications.

As described in Software Development III, the workaround for this is to load the file by accessing it using T: in My Computer.

Drive T: is a 'network mapped' drive - Windows will dynamically translate pathnames for files accessed via T: into UNC pathnames, which eliminates the issue.

How do we link our levels together?

Check out this little tutorial

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