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Risk Plan

A risk plan is simply a table/chart that you fill in with some of the risks you might come across during your project. You give each risk scores based on probability of the problem occuring, impact that the problem will have on your project and finally a priority score, which ranks the risks in order that they need to be approached to solve ahead of time or come up with a plan of action for. An example of a risk plan was in the lecture slides and looked like this:


What is a Development Diary?

Examples of Middleware

Examples of Game Engines

Here is a non-exhaustive list of game engines, followed by some examples in which they have been used :

  • Unreal Engine (all versions included) : Unreal Tournament, Deus EX, Bioshock, Batman Arkham Asylum, Gears of War, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, etc. Official website : http://www.unrealtechnology.com/

(Source : Wikipedia)

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