Task 3 – Create a new level based on a real world location (collaborative)

We haven’t looked into good level design practices or even understanding basic architecture at the moment, so our best attempts are to implement locations from the real world.

I suggest implementing (a simplified version of) of a building that you are very familiar with. For example:

  • The Atrium
  • B2
  • Your house / flat / halls of residence
  • A location from your game

If you would like a starting point – there is a ‘very rough’ version of the atrium available here. The size of the level is 5120 x 2560 x 640 unreal units.

There is obviously a slight caveat here - as discussed in the lecture :)

Notes on scale:

16 Unreal Units = 1 real world foot
52.5 Unreal Units = 1 real world metre

The smallest space that a character can crouch through is: 52 wide x 90 high.

Due to the way levels are constructed it is highly recommended that you stick to powers of 2 (or multiples of). It will make your life much easier when snapping objects to the grid and ensuring that they join up correctly.

Spend the remainder of your self-study time completing this exercise. The focus of this exercise is for you to really understand what is possible using the Unreal Editor and to give you a more accurate idea of how long it takes to implement parts of it.

Any remaining time should be used to build a rough version as a basis for your own game.


Bring to the session next week - must be ready at the beginning.

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