Week 3 - FAQ

Here are some common problems you may come across during completing this weeks tutorial

Ask those questions here - get help from others in the group.

Playing sounds on main menu

I had issues putting background music into my game, so i thought i would save people the hassle and put up a little tutorial =D

a few things to point out:

  • The music must be of OGG format. (plenty of convertors around)
  • Must have a "Music" folder in your mod directory
  • must add +Paths=..Surname_FF_Book / Music. to both the default ini and mod ini.
  • edit just remembered i also had to add this +MusicPath=../Surname_FF_Book/Music

Ok, the first thing you must do is add this to your Main Menu class.

function InternalOnOpen()

where "Theme" is the name of your OGG file. At the bottom of your class,
in the defaultproperties section add this:


this will call the function you have just created soon as the menu opens.

Rebuild, and hopefully, all should be well XD


Changing the size of the player model

The biggest complaint I heard during the tutorial was how the default character model was xbox huge!
I told a few people how to do this but I thought I'd post it up on the wiki for all to see.

This is actually quite simple. Firstly, load up MyFirstExample\Classes\ExampleGirl(or Boy).uc in notepad.
Change the DrawScale to desired value. Set the CollisionHeight and CrouchHeight to represent similar values.
If CollisionHeight is too high for your model size, you will float along the floor and it will be hard to get through doors.
I thought this was particularly interesting as it treats the floor as a "Collision".
-Rob Moody

Tutorial Link

Here is a link to the week 3 tutorial, Download
-Kirk Brazil

Thank you!!

Setting up UnCodeX for the first time

I couldn't get UnCodeX to work at home, the browser was coming up all blank even though I gave it the root directory.

To fix this:

-Make sure you tick all the boxes in this panel under 'Settings'


-Matt Fordham

This unfortunately didn't work for me, however I did find a solution. Full tutorial is located here;UnCodeX Fix
As an addendum, following Matt's advice fixed my warnings

Chris Fisher

Installing UDE

A visual studio style IDE. Had a lot of trouble setting this up, so thought i'd add a UDE Install Guide

Chris Fisher

Fixing None Animation/Fixing Jumping

This is down to John sneakily deleting the variable name of the jump animation.

Open up ExamplePawn.uc, scroll down to the bottom of the page to the default properties, look for this block;


Can you spot the problem?

Basically you need to assign something to TakeOffStillAnim, either "JumpFTakeoff" or "JumpTakeoff" both work.

There is still a slight problem, if you jump and then press Forward and either Right or Left at the same time it gives you another "None" error, I'll look into fixing it.

-Jimmy Greasley

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