Issues with renaming the folder

- Been trying to rename the folder from the default to allen_FF_Smugglers
- Have changed the end of the paths of DerbyMod, rebuild and UnrealEd.exe
- Also changed the file paths in the MyMod and MyModUser to use the new folde name and these files when rebuilt now rename themselves after my folder name
- Changed the 'default' file paths aswell
- Now when trying to recompile with batch file get errors "ObjectProperty Engine.Actor.Mesh: unresolved reference to 'SkeletalMesh'UDN_Character_models-K.GenericMale and the same error with K.GenericFemale and a third error about the shakebox texture in HUD
- These were working fine before the folder name change
- Anybody have any ideas what I've missed when changing names
Martin Allen

- After some help from Kirk manage to fix this
- To pass the help on to others who may be struggling make sure you fully change all the path files in the two .ini files when making changes, my problem was missing the /Animations and /Textures from a couple of file paths
Martin Allen

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