Week 3 Tutorial - Total Conversion


In the lecture we talked about UnrealScript and creating a TotalConversion Modification. This week you’re going to start playing with the language yourself and get a feel for what is possible.

We are creating a TotalConversion – which is dropping you in at the deep end somewhat – but as you’re an experienced programmer by now it shouldn’t take you too long to get to grips with it.

After this introductory session I am expecting you to carry out the majority of the research required so that you can complete the implementation for your murder / mystery game idea. There are a great many tutorials and example code fragments available on the web – but remember you may not copy and paste any code into your assignment.

Today you will get your example mod up and running and start to configure the HUD, ScoreBoard, GUI and remove any references to shooting :)

I have had a number of questions about how long you should spend on last week’s work. The simple answer is all of your allocated weekly time (~10 hours). If you have been unable to complete your work to a satisfactory level then you may need to spend more.
Any additional time you spend now working with UnrealEd and UnrealScript is going to make your life easier towards the later stages of the project.

The rest of the tutorial can be found [here]:

You are encouraged to take the pdf and convert it to the wiki - to allow everyone to edit it:

Task 1 – Get the Total Conversion Framework up and running
Task 2 – Add your advanced level from last week
Task 3 - Enable our new GameType
Task 4 - Rename the Total Conversion
Task 5 - Getting to grips with UnrealScript Codebase
Task 6 - Improve the TestModMainMenu Interface
Bonus Task

Basic Working Mod - Should look something like this:



Your completed TotalConversion should be zipped up. Name the zip archive surname_Week3TC.zip

Deadline: Ready to upload at the beginning of the next session

Package Info

Extension Description Typical Contents
uc UnrealScript Class Source UnrealScript in plain ASCII Text. (This is not an Unreal package format. Here for reference only.)
u UnrealScript Package File Compiled UnrealScript and UnrealScript source text (without default properties). Often also contains Sounds, Textures, Meshes and Static Meshes
utx Textures Textures, sometimes compressed, and mipmaps
uax Audio (sound) files Wave sound files
uz / uz2 Compressed package Contains a compressed version(s) of any package for faster downloads.
uxx Cached package Cached downloaded package. The actual file extension is stored in Cache.ini in the game's Cache directory. This can be any of the other types of packages mentioned on this page.


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