Week 4 Tutorial - Unreal: Mini-Arcade Game


You should have a basic understanding of UnrealScript by this stage. This week we are really going to test your programming ability to its absolute limits :)

WARNING: TOUGH WORK AHEAD!!! This will take the full 10 hours of work – if you are already letting yourself get behind then factor in more time!

The exercise this week is to write a short game using the Unreal Engine. This will give you a much clearer idea of how to solve programming problems when faced with such a vast array of code.

The rest of the tutorial can be found [here]


Help! My SimplePickup isn't in the Actors Browser

It's okay, you might just be using the wrong editor. Don't forget there's an editor in your mod folder that uses your mod files. If you use that one, you should be able to find your SimplePickup class easy. :) - Sean

Just to add to this another way to get the SimplePickup to appear is to open the .U file named after your classes folder found in the System folder in unrealEd - Martin

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