Week 5 Tutorial - Gameplay and AI


You are now at the stage when you should have a basic Total Conversion up and running with a modified Gametype and a mini-game running.

By completing a few of the harder tasks you are also beginning to realise how big and intertwined the UnrealScript codebase is. Hopefully, though you are starting to get a feel for how you can extend this and add your own functionality.

From now on you’re going to have more control over the areas that you work on– there will still be guidelines and help on a week to week basis.

For example, we still have lectures and practical sessions based around Texturing, Maya, Animation Systems, Audio, Conversation systems etc

From now on - each week, I will be meeting with you for 5 minutes. You can think of these meetings as you talking with your assistant producer. You will be updating me on your progress, showing me your schedule and letting me know what you’ll be delivering the following week.


The full tutorial can be found [here]:

Task 1 - Adapt the mini-game

Task 2 - Add a Game Tool

The magnifying glass tutorial can be found [here]:

Task 3 - AI character

Note: this is a lot of work! Allow ~4 hours for each section.

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