6. Weekly FAQ

Adding more menu's

Has anyone found a way to add more menus? i.e. have the Main menu link to another menu where you could select a level or when they click play gives them a instruction screen with PLAY or EXIT for example? Tried a few ways to make this work without any results = / anyone able point me in the right direction of being able to do it?

-Carl Jackson

I have a credits screen working from main menu (also had an instructions page last week with option to start game or go back main menu bu decided didn't fit in with my game so removed it). You want a new class for the page you want to create which can be done using the main menu class as a template pretty much as all I had to do was change the buttons and text strings. Then on mian menu class add a new button to link to page (or change existing button ButtonClick function to go to page) and have the buttonClick code go to something like this for example:

else if (Sender == b_Credits)

then say you had credits page could have a button that went back to main menu which would work almost the same just change name of clas in ReplaceMenu part

- Martin Allen

Terrain texturing not updating help?

Not strictly covered in the lecture, but it's related to texturing. In unrealed I can edit my terrain layers such that they're reflected inside unrealed okay. However despite me saving, rebuilding and trying everything I can think of… it never actually seems to update the map outside of unreal. When I load the map into unreal again, no changes have been made whatsoever! Anyone else experience this problem and solve it? If so, how!?! Any help appreciated.

EDIT: I think I might have a fix for this if anyone else is experiencing it (if not it serves as a good place for me to remember anyway >_>). When you've finished editing your terrain, make sure you save the texture package you've got the terrain layer in (e.g. rafael_FF_Secret_tex.utx for me), then you want to rebuild -just in case- and save your level (as you might imagine :P). Now this might just be me and the way my thing is set up 'cause I'm sure it should be fine after that BUT I then had to copy my texture package to the actual UT2004 texture folder. Did a batch rebuild for good measure, opened in unreal and lo'! The terrain had indeed changed, so far so good. Loaded up the mod game, success! The map had changed there too. - Problem solved… Though I guarantee I'll come across it again >.<


I've been having problems of late with terrain, tried to model my cave system using terrain function and just couldn't get it to function properly, even tried starting a new blank room and adding a terrain actor and then using terrain tool rebuilt and all it did was apply the terrain texture to walls of the room. Not sure where I'm going wrong as followed step for step 3dbuzz tutorial video on terrain.

-Martin Allen

Building Error

My code from last week was working fine in the lesson but now porting it over, changing nothing but the directories in the regular places I have been getting errors about my textures and been unable to open UnrealEd as it has no reference to my project. So I just changed the classes I had editted and I am getting this error now and without solving it I cannot progress onto this weeks work:

" ObjectProperty MyFirstExample.ExampleHUD.MagnifyingGlass: unresolved reference to 'Texture'FamousFive.HUD.MagnifyingGlass'' "

Can anyone help me with this? It may be a stupid mistake in my code but I don't think I missed anything I had when it was working fine in the lesson… (And I did change the texture package to include the MagnifyingGlass into the HUD section of the FamousFvie textures)

EDIT To fix this problem on my home PC I have had to copy the texture package into the main texture folder for UT2004. Not completely sure this is the right way to do it but it works for now. Thanks to Matt Davis for the solution!

-Steph Charij

I had this error as well, you've just forgot to copy the texture file over thats all, even better if you take the texture and put it in the texture file in your mod folder then you shouldn't get this error at all as the texture will copy over everytime you copy over your mod folder.

- Chris Hallett

Taking resources from other Games

I wondered if anyone had any luck collecting resources (static meshes/textures) from other unreal based games. Currently I'm trying to get resources from an unreal game called "Killing Floor" but when compiling/loading the packages the editor will crash and give me an error about general protection. Has anyone found a workaround for this that they can share with me?

-Robert Smith

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