Week 6 Tutorial - Textures


We’re only going to look at the absolute basics of texturing and Adobe Photoshop. Many people dedicate their entire career to this package so there is only so much we can look at in our short session.

Note that I have absolutely zero drawing ability – so this tutorial assumes that none of the art work will be created from scratch. It is mainly focused around photo manipulation. This isn’t really a problem as you’ll find this is how the majority of high end textures are created in the games industry.

If you have a hunt around online you’ll find hundreds of excellent Photoshop tutorials and while it’s not vital to understand this package in detail – it will give you a better understanding of the texture artist role.

One of the better website collections can be found at:

By the end of this week you should have all the textures you require for your game.

Note: Next week you’ll be doing some simple modelling. Any textures you need for that you should locate now (keep the references)

The rest of the tutorial can be found [here]

Task 1 – Photo Fun
Task 2 – Image processing
Task 3 - Texture into Game
Task 4 - Collect Textures
Task 5 - Create Loading Screen
Task 6 - GUI Textures

There is no hand-in for this week – but you will be expected to demo this completed work at the beginning of next session. The marks will be awarded during the final demo.

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