Week 7 - FAQ

TalkBuilder Actor

I don't know whether anyone's had any trouble with this, but for me, just adding


to the default.ini file didn't actually make it as an available actor in UnrealEd. I also had to change my level's ini file that used to be called MyFirstExample.ini I think (Mine now being rafael_FF_Secret.ini). Scroll down in the file until you hit the EditPackages section that has Core, Engine, Fire, Editor… etc. Add in the following line


Hopefully you should now be able to access the TalkBuilder Actor in UnrealEd. :)

- Sean-Rafael

Error in tutorial ( i think)

Just a heads up, in the "Events In Game" tutorial, it shows you a way to cause an event from the console. It says

Start up your TC, move to a location where you can see your locked door, bring up the console and type:
CauseTrigger LockedDoorMover
You should see your Mover spring into action.

This did not work for me. However, i did try this and it worked perfectly

CauseEvent LockedDoorMover

- Thomas Marsh


Does anyone know whether its possible to make a class inherit from multiple classes in UnrealScript?

-Kenji Shimojima

I'm pretty sure Unreal doesn't support multiple class inheritance.

-Aaron Armstrong

Switching characters

I have an exec function that switches the player's character between George and Timmy on the fly at the push of a button. The only problem is that I am using terrain and when I change character the new character falls through the floor underneath the terrain. I'm assuming it's to do with the default settings I have for the heights etc as they are on different eye levels and didn't want a floating Timmy. The default properties I set are as follows:



Can anyone help me by telling me what I need to change to stop my characters falling through the world and bugging out when i change next to a wall?

-Steph Charij

I managed to fix the falling through the level, thanks to John, it was due to not initialising a location to use for spawning my new Pawn (George or Timmy). I just simply created a new var vector called position and then got the location of the pawn before it was destroyed and stored it in the variable.

I am still having the problem with checking collisions with walls and roofs to prevent me being able to switch characters (otherwise I fall through the wall and start flying around an inverted level with no pawn as if a spectator). If anyone can help me with this issue I would very much appreciate it.

CSDTalk Event Triggers

I am having problems using conversations to trigger events, there is an option to make speeches in the game trigger events through use of actions, I was wondering if anyone has found where you can add new events to the talk builder.

-Ken Harrower

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