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Next week you'll be thinking more about the design of your level and the assets in there. That means you'll get a little break from UnrealScript… Not this week though :)

Conversations in Game

You'll want to be able to tie up the portions of your game to the characters within it. Unfortunately, Unreal doesn't come with any kind of conversation system. Games such as DeusEx that do have a big reliance on Conversations have had to roll their own.

As we've said we can get hold of the source to DeusEx and re-engineer it - but given the amount of time we have its probably not feasible. (but don't let me try to put you off). The two alternatives are:

  • Roll our own
  • Use an exisiting system

We would only roll-our-own system if we had a particularly unique conversation system or if it was particularly simple.

The exisiting system is CSDTalk and I have already included this in your TotalConversion folder. It's a bit tricky to get to grips with but you can produce some pretty decent results if you perserve. The tutorial for this is click here


I've also put up a tutorial that talks a little bit more about triggering events off. Some people have tried tying events into ConsoleCommands. If that isn't working - this should give you some help. Get it click here

Mouse input

If you want 2D or 3D mouse control in your game, I've put up a couple of tutorials in the AdditionalTutorials section. These are really for people that want a Point and Click interface. If you're making a game using the 360 pad, it is best to put all the controls on the 360 pad. You may still want a second mode of interaction if you have mini-games / maps that appear in the HUD.

3rd Person Camera Control

see additional tutorial area

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