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This week we spent the lecture focusing on Level and Design. I am not going to set any specific exercises on this – but I expect you to work some of this knowledge into the level for your final assignment. Do check out the Reading Exercises which will help with your level design.

So, this week is a bit of a break from UnrealScript.

Task 1 - Review your Game Design

We looked at a number of simple action / adventure games available on XBLA. These should give you a few more ideas on what you might want to include in your game. Couple this with your knowledge you should have a clear idea of what is possible before the end of term.

On the back of this - update and adapt your schedule. Remember the deadline cannot move.

We'll look at these in the session next week.

Task 2 - Create a Game Object using Maya - Upload to the Wiki - Deadline Monday 23rd November 5pm

There is also a tutorial based on the session we had from David Wilson last week. These notes can be found at the bottom of this page Additional Tutorials.


Task 3 - Matinee Sequence / Scripted Controlled Tutorials

Controlling matinee and scripting NPC characters occur along very similar lines. It is a simple case of sequencing scripted actions. Your closest experience of this probably is from within GameMaker – event driven (associating actions with events). I've put these tutorials up on Blackboard.

Task 4 - Add Cutscene

Use your new knowledge to add a cutscene to your game.

Finally - I would produce the rough cut of your final level design. Later on you can fill in more detail - e.g. using furniture from other mods. This will also improve your cut-scenes later on. So don't worry too much about having the level absolutely perfect.

So you should be at a point now when your Total Conversion is really starting to take shape. If this is not the case then you'll want to put in a lot of hours to catch up - or be happy with a D grade or lower.

By the end of this week you should have:

  • Completed your level design work
  • Interaction within the game. Players picking up clues, inventory items, logbook etc
  • Game Tools
  • Side-kick character
  • Mini-games
  • Implemented cut-scenes
  • Triggered NPC behaviours
  • NPC Conversations Planned

In the final weeks of the module we will be looking at:

  • Audio
  • Character Animation
  • Playtesting

Turning your TC from a collection of systems into a complete game.

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