Adam Hawkesford

I have chosen to make a game based upon the book "Five Go To Smuggler's Top". This book has been chosen because it was my favourite book out of those read for entertainment value, and it has a good setting/feel to it The story is set in a murky, old castle. This provided a better atmosphere and the new characters implemented fit well into the story. There were several parts which could easily be adapted to a ‘find the item/solve the problem’ segment of a game. The imagery of Smuggler’s Top is clear and it gave me a good idea of what kind of map I should create for the player to explore.

The game I will be creating will focus on the part of the book from after the gang arrive at Smuggler's Top. Starting at the point from which the flashing light signals are found and culminating in the conclusion of the story. The game will move from major plot point to the next, with the player searching around for clues as to what exactly is going on in an adventure style.

It will be set up as a ‘no loss’ kind of game. By this method the player must keep searching for the solution to each puzzle before moving on to the next scene. There is no way of the player stumbling upon a trap resulting in a game over, as there is a solution available at all times. The other players will provide hints to where the player needs to go if they are confused. The only eventual outcome is success.

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