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Game Development Technique

I chose “Five Run Away Together” because it has five main scenes and in these scenes there is plenty of action that can be conveyed as exciting gameplay.

Five Run Away Together
The Famous Five are together for the summer holidays but Aunt Fanny is taken ill and is in hospital. Uncle Quentin can’t keep up with the house work and so hires a house keeper. “Mrs Stick” the house keeper turns out to be horrible to the children and doesn’t help them at all. They hear on the radio that General Armstrong’s daughter has been kidnapped. The children want to get away from Mrs Stick so they go for a picnic on Kirrin Island. When they get to the island they find that someone has been there recently and has blocked off the dungeons of the castle where they normally set up camp. They hear some people coming so they hide. The people are Mrs Stick, her son Egbert and her husband. Timmy barks and so they have to run away. They hide in a cave. Egbert finds them but they over power him and get him to tell them what’s going on. They find out that Jennifer, General Armstrong’s daughter, is tied up in the dungeon and Mr Stick is trying to get information out of the General. They sneak into the dungeon and untie Jennifer. They then tie up Egbert. The Sticks come back to find Egbert tied up instead of Jennifer and the Five lock them in the dungeon. They then go to tell the police.
This book is filled with tense moments of hiding and running away that could be played by the player and there are plenty of ways to make the player more involved with the story.

The game centres around the core “sneaking” mechanic and the story telling. Over all the levels you will be able to play as all of the famous five, including Timmy the dog.
The sneaking mechanic adds an air of tension and is vital to Five Run Away Together. The story telling will be done through cut scenes but you will play all the action out as one of the famous five. The idea of letting the player play with each character is to keep the game interesting through out the whole experience.

Here is my art asset for GDT

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