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My TC Mod

My TC mod will be based on the first book of the "Famous Five" series "Five on a Treasure Island". Julian, Dick and Anne are going to be staying with their Uncle Quentin and Aunt Fanny and will be meeting their daughter Georgina. She comes off as rather strange to the group as she prefers to be called George and aspires to be a boy. George eventually makes friends with the rest of the group and introduces them to her dog Timothy, who she keeps secret from her parents. She then takes them to Kirrin Island and tells them of the shipwreck that apparently contains treasure inside it.
Later on, they are all staying on the island, during a stom and looking for firewood. They see that the shipwreck that George has told them about, has come ashore. So the day after, they explore the shipwreck and find a locked, waterproof box with a map to a stash of ingots hidden on the island.
After looking around the island with the map, Tim chases after a rabbit and finds a hole that leads to the dungeon on the map. Once they explore the dungeon and find the treasure, some strange men hold two of them hostage and try to kidnap the other two. The other two catch on and manage to sneak back into the dungeon, save George and Dick from the kidnappers and destroy their boat. They then go back to the mainland and tell the police.

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