So I’ve decided to work with "Five get into trouble" because there is one part in the book, where Julian is sneaking around the house trying to find dick. He manages to find the jewel thieves' hidden room which would work extremely well, also from a level design view this part is all in the same place in one house spread through several rooms with the bad guys walking around the house.

The player will play Julian as he sneaks around the house trying to find Dick and in the process also finding the jewel thief; the player will have to find the key for the room in which Dick is locked in and also find the bookshelf that hides a hidden room. The key will most likely be hidden on one of the bad guys roaming the house and you’ll have to try and pickpocket him, I know this isn’t in the book but it will just add something to the game to make that bit more engaging. Of course there will be more then one guy walking around the house so finding the right one is key and even though they might all have keys only 1 will work.

The player also needs to be careful to not get caught because if they do its game over and the player will get locked in the room with everyone else again. Once the hidden room has been found the player will have to lead Dick back to the room where everyone is sleeping and then the game will end.

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