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Famous Five Total conversion - Five go off in a caravan

The total conversion will be based on Enyd Blyton's "Five go off in a caravan", which is about the Five camping of top of a hill during holidays with the circus.

Dick, Julian, Anne, George and Tim go off on holiday in two caravans,
and go camping with the circus where they meet Nobby a circus boy, his two dogs and his
chimpanzeee Pongo. The children are threatened by Nobby's uncle Tiger Dan, and his friend Lou if
they don't leave the camp. Instead, they decide to move further up in the hills, and make friends
with Nobby. However, the evil pair comes back and threatens them again. Soon they find out that
the two men are hiding something, and they end up discovering a secret passage under one of the
caravans which leads to a cave filled with stolen goods. They immediately decide to find the police
and warn them of the situation, but they are caught and kept as prisoners inside the cave.
Fortunately, Pongo saves them, and Dick manages to escape unoticed, and finds the police. Soon
they stumble into the cave, save the children and arrest the criminals.

The game will be similar in its gameplay to games such as Fahrenheit, Westerners, and the more recent Wallace & Gromit adventure games.

Some of the planned features are :

  • Use of the Xbox 360 controller (providing both movement and camera control).
  • Multiple outcomes and choices throughout the game, and which may affect the plot line.
  • Dynamic camera and freedom of movement around the world.
  • Open environment, and the ability to play previous sections.
  • Contextual actions and quick time events.
  • An intuitive interface which will only prompts the player when needed, and which takes up a minimal space on the screen.
  • Bonuses and secondary objectives.
  • A scoring system (based on the time taken to complete a chapter, the number of hints used, and the number of secondary objectives completed).
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