David Hiskett

I've chosen to base my game on the Famous Five book 'Five Go to Demon's Rocks'. This story is based on the five (six in this book) staying at a Tinker's (the sixth character) lighthouse. They find out about 'Wrecker's cave' which is a system of caves and tunnels that supposedly holds hidden treasure from many centuries ago. Of course the kids want to investigate the caves and see if the treasure really is there, however, two men named Ebenezer and Jacob are descendants of the Wrecker, who stole the treasure in the first place, and are after the treasure themselves. The kids end up finding a secret trap door in the lighthouse to another system of caves, which aren't directly connected to the main system on the other side of the water. Julian ends up finding the treasure in these caves, but needs a step up to reach it. While he's in the lighthouse finding something to stand on, Ebenezer and Jacob break in to the lighthouse and go down to the caves. While they're in there, the kids hold the trap door shut and turn the light in the lighthouse on to get help. When the 2 men eventually get out of the cave, the police arrive and arrest them. And they all live happily ever after. Apart from the 2 men, who went to jail for breaking and entering, theft and threatening children.

The game will mainly involve searching the environment for items that they need. Starting off with items in the lighthouse such as torches and gas lamps, to searching the caves for treasure. I also hope to implement mini games to help change the gameplay a bit, such as quick time events and small puzzles.

The player will control 2 characters in the game, Tinker in the lighthouse and Julian in the caves. This will help the player see how the other characters treat each of them, as Julian's the oldest and tinker is the youngest.

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