Development Diary

A development diary is a personal account of work done on a job/project.
This can be kept in a text document, posted on the gdt forum or a weblog/blog

Benefits of keeping a development diary

  • Learn from your mistakes - Avoid making the same mistakes over and over
  • Build a portfolio - Useful to have all examples of your work in one place
  • Show off your problem solving ability and initiative to employers
  • Ego boosting - See your development and skills grow over time

Blogs are very quick and easy to set up!

  • All the underlying code is already written for you, all you need to do is make the posts
  • If you already have a google account (eg. Gmail) you can make a blogger blog in literally 30-40 seconds (This is no exaggeration)
  • Potential to monetise blogs - If your blog receives a lot of traffic (eg. People looking for programming solutions) it's possible to earn quite a bit of cash from banner ads.
  • WordPress has native support for blocks of code (Allowing special characters to be inserted into a post) even gives your sample code line numbers!

Free blogging websites and blog software:

Blogger (Free Hosting)
LiveJournal (Free Hosting)
WordPress (Free Hosting)

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