Dominic Brittain

My Famous Five game is based on the book "Five have a mystery to solve" which is based mainly on a spooky island off the coast of where their excentric uncle lives. My game will show the location of the island in the introductory cinematic but the game demo will be based on the island itself as this is where most of the book takes place.

The game will begin with the Famous Five and their companion Wilfred sailing up to a beach cove on the island which is where the intro cinematic will end and the gameplay begins. It is going to be controlled by an XBOX controller rather then being a point and click game as I feel this will make the game experience better for the game I have planned. It is difficult to place this game demo into a specific genre but I would say its an adventure/ puzzle game as there will be puzzles to solve, riddles to solve, objects to find and use at certain points of the game and it follows an adventurous story line where Famous Five are searching for clues why the island is so spooky.

The player will take control of two characters during the demo, Dick for the majority because he is the most involved when it comes to the important events, and Anne for the final scene because this will make the end of the game much more interesting then if the player was using Dick. Timmy the dog will also be included in the game, following the player and giving tips when they havn't progressed for a certain amount of time. The other characters will also give useful information at certain points of the game so this should help the player progress as well.

The other thing that I feel will be interesting about my game is that at certain parts of the game I will implement time constraints to increase the level of pressure and difficulty to the demo, making it not too easy to complete. This I feel is important because games that are too easy aren't as fun as games that have a challenge to them.

This is just a general overview of my game and there is a lot more to it then this, however these are a few of the key things that make up my game experience.

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