Francis Kambili-Mzembe

My game is based on the book Five on treasure island. The character which the player will play as in each level will play a significant role in the level just as they did in the chapters of the book in which the level is based on. The player however does not have the option of selecting who they wish to play as. This will be pre-determined in each level.

The levels are designed so that the player progresses through the level in a linear fashion. There are objectives that will require the player to play through the level usually looking for items in which are hidden in the level. The player will not be able to interact with all the objects found in the levels but only with the items significant to the game and the level. Other items are only there to serve as props in order to make the levels believable.

The game will feature at least five levels. Each of the levels will of course be based on some of the more significant chapters in the book, with a few minor modifications in order to make the a lot more fun and enjoyable to the player as opposed to just directly translating the book into a game “word for word”. The game will feature both indoor and outdoor environments/levels.

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