Freddie Reynolds

The book that I have chosen for this module is "Five on a Treasure Island". This book is the first book of the series; Julian, Dick and Anne realise they are to be staying with their uncle Quentin and Aunt Fanny for the summer along with their daughter, Georgina. They all make friends together along with Georgina’s secret dog, Timothy. Their adventure then begins when George tells the others that the wreckage they find once contained gold, but no one had ever found it; just the adventure these children needed, to find the missing gold. A storm brings the old ship wreck to the sea bed where they discover an old tin with clues to find the missing treasure. Once Timothy the dog jumps down an old well, the children must go and rescue the dog where the find the missing dungeons; this leads to them finding the treasure. Strange men then appear on the island and the children have to escape while they destroy the men's boats leaving them stuck on the island.

I have decided to make my game based on the treasure hunt down in the dungeons. There will be all sorts of puzzles and obstacles inbetween the children and the treasure and they will have to use the clues they found in the tin box to over come them. Then when the strange men appear the children in the dungeons you have to escape without being seen past the bad guys.

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