Hive Static Meshes

Please place Static Meshes that you are using here so that other can use them for a more uniform look.


This is the static mesh for the doors, i think it would be good if we kept it consistent. If you have the unreal book, its the static meshes from chapter 3, named 'door 1' if you don't have it. I uploaded it, you can download it HERE

Shaft (Mansion)

I'm basically using the electronic static meshes and stuff from chapter 3 tutorials from the uinreal mastering technologies book. All of the static meshes in this package seem to sort of fit the subject area, so hopefully it'll look good :D. I'm sorry but there's no link, but if you've got the book then all the meshes are on the CD provided with it.

Static Mesh Index

I found this little link, it lists what's contained in the USX files that ship with Unreal, it's not a complete list but it sure is quicker than browsing through the files yourself.


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