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Unreal Famous Five Design Document

I intend to focus on the part of the book where the Five are exploring Kirrin Island and looking for the gold. I will start the game off with the Five having just arrived at the island; allow them to explore the island before Timmy chases the rabbit down the rabbit hole. The Five will have to rescue Timmy and in the process they will discover the well. Using this as a marker they search for the entrance to the dungeons. Upon finding the dungeon entrance the Five enter them and begin to search for the gold, smashing through a door, Dick gets injured and Anne takes him up to the surface. Julian and George carry on and find the gold, but it’s then that the antagonists appear and lock them in the dungeons.

Timmy will deliver a note from George that the antagonists hope will lure the other two down to the dungeons so they can be trapped down there too, but the other two are smart enough to realize something is wrong when George signs herself off as Georgina. They then hide, wait for the antagonists to head for the mainland and rescue Julian and George. A plan hatches for the two antagonists to get trapped down in the dungeon, but this fails and the Five end up trapping them on Kirrin Island by destroying the boat.

The player will be informed of the previous storyline through a short cut scene, this will show the shipwreck being washed up, and using text will explain how the Five acquired the map of Kirrin Island, why they are there and what they are searching for.

At the end of the playable section of the game another cut scene will play, if the player has completed all the objectives and won the game it will show the Five getting ashore and telling Quentin (or maybe someone else) of the situation on Kirrin Island. If the player has failed to complete all the objectives a loose cut scene will play, this will show the antagonists capturing all the Five and possibly shooting them.

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