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The Famous five book that I have chosen to base my game on is “Five on Kirrin island again”, it’s the sixth book in the series and takes place on and around Kirrin island (as you can guess from the title). The Chapters that I Plan to recreate are 16 through to 20, I don’t plan to include everything that happens in these chapters but I do want to include the main story and also my own mini games.

The environment in this book spans a large distance and so there is a large level to create and as such I have already created my draft version of the level and got some of the textures ready, however I have not used any deco layers, static meshes or a skybox yet. The game will include mini games and you will have to play as different players to complete the main aim which is to rescue Uncle Quintin and George and stop Kirrin Island from being blown up. A large portion of the game is going to be based around the underground tunnel network and there are lots of areas that blocking volumes will have to be placed to stop players from falling to their deaths (not appropriate for this game) or simply swim to the island.

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