Ken Harrower

From reading on looking over the notes I created regarding the three books I have read, I have decided to create a game based on the book “Five go to Demon’s Rock”.
The reasons for me choosing this book over the other two I have read are as follows:
Firstly, Demon’s Rock has more chapters that have the possibility of being made into a game, whereas the other two have two or three chapters that have the possibility of being converted, Demon’s Rock has six chapters that I could use to design a game.
Within the chapters I have read more closely, I have found that these parts of the story have a variety of locations, from the lighthouse itself, to the village and its surrounding area, as well as the focus of the final part of the story, the wrecker’s cave and its vast labyrinth of tunnels.
Another reason for choosing this book lies within the story itself, the story allows for a variety of events and tasks that the characters perform to be made into a game, for example in one of the final chapters, the characters must find a collection of items so that they can set up the lamp and bell within the lighthouse, a game could follow a similar formula, the player must find the required items, when they have the right inventory, the event will be able to be completed.
For these reasons, I have decided to use this book as the back-story for my game.

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