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Classical and 3D Art Development Forum
Monty Oum's Site
French, but good Art Site (?!)
Various Maya tutorials

Unreal Links

3D Buzz - Video Tutorials on C++, UnrealEd, 3DSMax, Maya and many more.
UDN - Unreal Developer Network
AngelMapper - A selection of UE2 Mapping Tutorials
Paragon - UnrealScript tutorials
Beyond Unreal Wiki
List of items inside Static Mesh Packages - Useful
Level Building Walkthrough - Site has a number of tutorials, and provides a good tutorial for building "your first room" then expanding on it
Shadow Eagles Tutorials - More information on creating levels, and adding static meshes
Goatswood - Has download links for the whole goatswood package (static meshes, textures etc.)
Unreal Tournament 2004 Class List - Helpful for looking up properties of a certain class, helpfully lists Inherited content, useful if you lack UnCodex

Other Game Development Related Stuff

Doom Source Code - If you want to mess around with the original code.
XNA UK - Home for UKs XNA User Group
XNA Sample - This should get you started.
IGN Story On UK's XNA Scene - Some insparation - Game Development 'Stuff' Site (A bit like Gamasutra)
Dare to be Digital - OGRE Projects Win!

Unconventional Games

Games for the Blind - Games played using sound over visuals
Slightly Desturbing Unreal Mod


Turbo Squid - Some Free!


Jamendo - Creative Commons Music
Incompetech (Kevin MacLeod) - Creative Commons, Royalty Free Music

Free Blogging Software/Hosting

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