Luke Bass

Famous 5 Go to Smugglers Top. 10minutes of gameplay!

Cinematic and Text
The player begins in a hallway of the Lenoir’s house with doors either side of them. The player is then given a briefing about Timmy which explains that if the player tries one of the doors they will fail as Timmy will be found. However, they can move up and down the hallway and interact with the characters. The group all express worries about Timmy, apart from Sooty who suggests using a passageway in the study and describes the correct door. When the player clicks on the door they will be able to enter the room, after they get inside, the player must find the opening to the passageway. Amongst useless clues, there is some paint shavings on the floor by the fireplace. When clicked on, a message pops up asking where they could have come from (a clear remark hinting about the fireplace). If the user then clicks on the fireplace there is an obvious mark at the top, when this is clicked, the passage will open which will lead to Sooty’s room.
The briefing given here is to find the secret passageway in Marybelle’s room, when clicking on the children they hint to move the furniture in their dialogue. When a particular piece of furniture is clicked on, it will move and the user should realise it is uncovering a rug. Finally, when clicking the carpet it will lift up from the floor, showing a trap door. However there is a big drop and so the next briefing is to find a way to get Timmy and the children safely down there. Marybelle suggests that she has some spare bed sheets in her wardrobe they could use. There is also a rope ladder; the player can use the rope ladder to get the children down but not the dog. When the player tries to use the bed sheets on the dog they get a message saying “this will not work on its own” in the hallway there is a basket they must pick up and combine the two objects before trying to use it on Timmy.
In the cinematic a light is shown shining from the tower in the house the player has to find the room the light is coming from by moving through the correct corridors.
This scene begins outside Sooty’s room, the player hears Sooty shout Mr Barling’s name and the player must go into the room or nothing more will happen. The briefing when they enter the room is to discover how Uncle Quentin and Sooty disappeared. The player must find a screw on the floor and a screw driver in a draw that opens. When looking at the window seat, the player should notice that a screw is missing. It is possible to use the screwdriver on the other screws and to put the screw back in from on the floor, although useless. The player must take all of the screws out and open the window seat revealing a passageway, when they click on the passageway to go down Julian says “we must tell Mr Lenoir about all of this first”. The player is unable to go down at this time, however when they try to leave the room instead Sooty says “but what if Block comes in and finds that we have found the secret passage?” Therefore, the player cannot leave the room until they have put the screws back into the window seat, the player must then find Mr Lenoir in his study and interact with him. The player can then go through the passageway and whilst down there, the torch must be turned on from their inventory in order to find the string on the wall. The player must then follow this string to where Uncle Quentin and Sooty were kept. A cinematic showing Mr Barling, his servant and Block seizing the children and then Timmy finally scaring them off is shown. The player must persuade Timmy to show them the way out that Mr Barling took Uncle Quentin in order to find them. When the player asks the children they suggest feeding him a treat, however, if the player has no dog food in their inventory they must go all the way back to the house to find some in order to complete the game.
End Cinematic and text

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