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Fames Five Desgin document
Five go to smugglers top

The game I am going to create will be an action adventure where the player navigates their way around the house in control of one of the famous five solving objectives to get closer and closer to finding Sooty and Mr Quentin and finding out who was behind the mystery.

There will be many different sorts of objective in the game to keep the player engaged in the game and keep the game interesting, the variation in the type of objective the player will face will also help convey the story line.

The first will be a type of mission where a character will go get you to carry out a task for them and you have the report the findings back to them, an example of this is when Mr Quentin gets Julian in the book to go awake Block and it gets exposed that Block isn’t there. This is a key part of the book and by having this sort of level will be able to convey the story well to the player in a manner similar to that which was used in the book.

Another type of mission will be an item search level where the player will be told to either look for a clue or collect a specific item, they will then be given more and more help to find the item / clue as more time goes by to assist the casual gamer, This will be good for things such as finding the screws and finding items such as a torch which the player will require to go down into the tunnels.

A further type of mission will be a following type of mission, there are a couple of places in the game where this will be useful towards the end of the game where the player follows the rope through the tunnels to find the clearing and then the final part of the book I will be turning into the game where the character has to follow Timmy through the caves to the exit.

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