Matt Davis

For my Unreal mod I will be using Five on a Treasure Island for a basis. I decided to use this because I thought that many of the elements within the story would work well within a virtual environment.
I will be constructing my mod from two parts of the story, The player will get told the first part of the story via a small video clip or getting told by another character this will then lead onto the first interactive part of the mod that would be a kind of introductory to the tools and mechanics of the game, using the part where the five row up to the wreckage that has been thrown up from the depths of the water.
After the player completes the tutorial section, the story will fast forward to when they go back onto the island to search for the Ingots. This part will use a system of using the map to figure out where you are, and uncover where to go, using the items in your inventory to help you along the way.

I have decided to attempt a 3rd person adventure point and click game, where the player can switch in between first and third person depending on their preference, or to see something that is directly in front of them. For instance if they need to look into a cupboard, the players character might be blocking the way, they can then switch to first person and get a better view of the cupboard. In contrast to this, the player might find it difficult to judge where a gap is, say in the floor, that they would need to jump over. Being in a 3rd person view at this point makes it easier to get the timing of their jump to clear the gap.

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