Oliver Rimington

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Y hallo

My TC will be loosely based around the 2nd book, Five go adventuring again, however the gameplay elements will not be derived from the plot.

The main driving force of the gameplay will be a somewhat perverse conversation system, in which the player must manage george's emotional state (FURY!), and Tim's supply of shortbread (which have a simple, if unusual, interrelationship) in order to gain access to the conversational tree options needed to progress.

There are two main forms of this system, which are normal "adventure" conversation mode, and confrontation mode.

While in adventure mode there is no time-pressure and the game is essentially a puzzle, in which the player accumulates oxymorons (conjoining contradictory terms which the five rly seem to like saying) and shortbread (which Tim likes to chow). Whilst in confrontation mode the game shifts into a mini game in which the player must goad george into using the extreme wit of the english gentry, in conjunction with the fearsome Tim, to mentally overpower her adversaries! Details to come! Later! BYE :)

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