Queen's Room Group

Martin Allen: ku.oc.liamtoh|000201nellam#ku.oc.liamtoh|000201nellam
Matt Fordham: moc.liamg|nwodeohhsidar#moc.liamg|nwodeohhsidar
Ken Harrower: <ku.oc.liamtoh|reworrahnek#ku.oc.liamtoh|reworrahnek>
Aaron Armstrong: <moc.liamtoh|gnortsmra.noraa#moc.liamtoh|gnortsmra.noraa>

Naming convention: queens_surname.ut2



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* Red Queen's Room (assigned to Matt)

• Blue glass circle in the middle of room
• Four pillars surrounding it, going up to ceiling from floor
• Walkways dividing room into four equal quarters

* Laser Corridor (assigned to Aaron)


• Glass walls
• Strip lights behind glass and in ceiling
• Long pale light bisecting roof vertically
• Door each end
• Square metal girders, about a metre apart
• Room size: W: 192 (128 after glass is put in), L:1024, H:192

* Computer Room / Control Room (assigned to Martin)
- I've pretty much got the brushes dealt with for this room to form it and got some textures in place just need to find meshes - Martin

• Three computer screens in centre facing towards laser corridor
• Desk underneath
• Positioned closer to laser corridor than exit corridors
• From movie clip room looks to be more hexagonal than round
• Stone walls
• Three TV monitors on the walls each side of the wall with door in
• Computer chair located behind desk
• Wall with door in will need an additional subtraction brush to hollow out doorway area

* Queen Corridor A / Queen Corridor B (assigned to Ken)
- These areas are not shown in the movie, however both of these corridors are used to access the computer room, leading to the red queen chamber.
- One of the corridors is useless as where it leads isn't being modelled by any group, therefore only one corridor is being made

*Links to Computer Room*
• queens_laba
• queens_labb

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