Group Members

Stephen Brown: moc.liamtoh|21emandeen#moc.liamtoh|21emandeen
Div Hiskett: ku.oc.liamtoh|856vid#ku.oc.liamtoh|856vid
Dominic Brittain: moc.liamtoh|ezilitromi#moc.liamtoh|ezilitromi
Arthur Muddiman: moc.liamg|0009sudit#moc.liamg|0009sudit


Central Drive Room (Stephen Brown)
Captain Frank's Office (Arthur Muddiman)
Hologram Projection Suite(Dominic Brittain)
Meeting Room (Div Hiskett)


Here is what I was thinking for our layout, now we know we can merge our levels try to plan it so that the door is in the same sort of position. Don't add the door yet! Any questions gimme a shout.

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