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Group Members

Sarah: moc.liamg|elletse.nis#moc.liamg|elletse.nis
Matt Keyte: ku.oc.liamtoH|KU_lekohZ#ku.oc.liamtoH|KU_lekohZ
Freddie Reynolds: ku.oc.liamtoh|03odderf#ku.oc.liamtoh|03odderf
Tom Bate (Aka " I'm off to Mexico" guy *edit* Im in mexico….): moc.liamtoh|retsamortem#moc.liamtoh|retsamortem
Will Kennard



Seems to be quite a few seperate areas that we could focus on:

"Corridor" - Matt
Prison Cells - Matt
Medical Bay - Tom - As best I can considoring iv found one pic… and its $10 an hour for internet… (Cry me a river ;) - Matt)
Basketball Court - Freddie
Wardens Office - Sarah

Optional extras:

Cinema Room

Could probably come up with a few others if pushed, but this is already more than we need. Most of the areas are shown in several episodes, however the Kitchen and Basketball court seem to only be in Episode 6, so watch that one if you're interested in those areas.

Hope no one minds that I've claimed an area straight away; I'm already at uni and want to get on with it.

Sorry to invade your space, but our group is doing a kitchen, not sure if it's the same one you are doing, but its in the living areas, don't want to duplicate we if can help it - Steph

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