Red Dwarf


This is a team project involving the whole class to recreate the interior of the ship from Red Dwarf. The team is split up into groups of 5, each ran by an individual leader who corrosponds with the project manager. The assignment is assessed and goes towards 10% of your module grade. However, the emphasis is on group co-operation and not on individual work.

Project Manager

Project Manager: Will Kennard (Contact Email: moc.xmg|dranneK#moc.xmg|dranneK )

Craig : I have just posted a texture package in the File section containing the labels for the doorways, so the player knows where he is going.
To use the package you should just need to open the package in the level editor, and look for "RedDwarf". After that, don't forget to keep the texture file with the level, otherwise we'll end up with the default textures.
If you have any problem using them, or just don't think they are suitable just tell it to me on wednesday.

Group Leaders

Kirk (Contact Email:||1lizarB.K)

Sleeping Quarters.
Steph Charij (Contact Email: moc.liamtoh|1101thgindim#moc.liamtoh|1101thgindim)

Mission Control.
Stephen Brown (Contact Email: moc.liamtoh|21emandeen#moc.liamtoh|21emandeen)

The Tank (aka the prison).
Sarah Carter (Contact Email: moc.liamg|elletse.nis#moc.liamg|elletse.nis)

Entertainment Section.
Robert Davies (Contact Email:||1seivaD.R)


Next meeting is Wed after Intro to 3D, B213 is free for an hour so stay logged onto your PC's.
Bring your completed levels.

RD_Entertainment_Section (File template: Entertainment_RoomName)
RD_Sleeping_Quarters (File template: Sleeping_RoomName)
RD_Mission_Control (File template: Mission_RoomName)
RD_The_Tank (File template: Tank_RoomName)
RD_Hangar (File template: Hangar_RoomName)

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