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Layout plan:


Teleports are a very easy way to link rooms together in unreal.

Remark (post your opinion below): Group managers might still be able to link the various section of their area together without having to use teleporters. This is only a theory but, using teleporters for every single room will probably result in frequent loadings, every time the player tries to get to another section.

It might be a good idea to have the group leader set up the template requirements and rules for the entrance of each room, so that they can be implemented in one section, and finally use teleporters between the different sections (sleeping quarters, entertainment, etc.)

I agree with this, it would look much better and show we have worked well within our teams if we co-ordinate our areas with its own corridor and then link the different corridors together through the main hub or wherever. Also we could try to match door width/corridor width/wall textures with other peoples areas to make it look like 1 complete thing rather than obviously seperate work.

How are you suggesting that the team leaders group their areas together then? Building on the same map?

Is it possible to make say a few rooms and import them into a larger map with a corridor conencting them?

I don't think so tbh, i have tried numerous times to do that to no avail, maybe I am just not doing it right. Will have a look in a bit. But I agree, this would be a really good thing if we can do it.

It's possible, I've written a short tutorial explaining how to do it MergingMaps. - Jim

Nice one Jim. Maybe if I had searched merge it would have helped :P Are we gunna go for a universal door size? 144/78 seems pretty good to me. Also are we gunna keep wall thickness the same? Also room height I was thinking 256 ? lol. I guess we should start discussing this stuff anyways.

Yea, is there a generic door size/wall width/room height? If not the above measurements should be fine, just need the wall thickness then.

With my rough level I went for 16 wall thickness. Works pretty well IMO.

What about sharing textures or do you think we should keep that to our own sections?

Dno whether we should try and have a uniform wall / floor texture. It would probably be a good idea.. anyone have one already? I havent gone texture / mesh hunting yet lol =]

How about we all agree to mainly use textures from shiptech or something so at least they match somewhat, plus these textures include a lot of features for a spaceship and it's probably the best one I've found do far for what we need. Though our area is pretty much all white things…and all the textures I've found are a bit dark, do you think it matters too much?

The shiptech textures looks good to me, lets try keep to that as a general theme! =]

I'm doing the 'atrium' area which connects the whole lot; There will be 5 corridors. I think the teleporter idea is still the safest, but it would be cool to join the different groups work as one massive level. Oh and btw the atrium is HUGE :)


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