Resident Evil


AJ, ku.oc.vedsemagnoja|JA#ku.oc.vedsemagnoja|JA <— Add me so I can add you to the group.


There is a meeting on Monday at 9am in B213, in this meeting the group leader will make sure everyone is on track and we will make our teleporters and test a few of them.

Thanks everyone who turned up, next meeting will be thursday morning at 10am at B204a. If you are not there then (or have not sent the completed work to me) then your map will not be included in the work, thus losing 10% of the module. If you can get it finished by Wednesday night and sent to me then you can just chill on Thursday.

IT IS COMPLETE! Download full project here

Make sure you link your level to the other peoples levels! Use this tutorial.


Lift shaft group <—ALL FINISHED

Team Leader: Liam Burgoyne Facebook

Queen's Room group <—ALL FINISHED

Team Leader: Ken Harrower - Facebook

Lab Room's group <—ALL FINISHED

Team Leader: Tom Marsh - Facebook

Mansion group <—ALL FINISHED

Team Leader: Chris Fisher - Facebook

Kitchen Group <—ALL FINISHED

Team Leader: Matt Lowe - Facebook



Please place textures that you are using here so that other can use them for a more uniform look.

Static Meshes

Please place Static Meshes that you are using here so that other can use them for a more uniform look.

Video/Film Links

Put links here to clips of the film.

Help Page


Thought i would put this up so people can submit a question if they get stuck or are confused, which can be answered by anyone ;)


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