Richard Pickering

Hi, I am Richard Pickering and I'm 19 years old, on CGP at Derby Uni…obviously lol. Feel free to read my page :D.

Famous Five Game: Five on a Treasure Island.

I am making a Famous Five game based around a mixture of stealth and adventure elements. It will be based upon the first Famous Five book- Five on a Treasure Island and will be based around the chapters within the story in which Dick comes to the rescue for Julian and George.

The game will feature Dick as the main character of the game, and will prominently include adventure style gameplay elements, in which the player must collect the "lost ingots" which are scattered about the island. The player will have two chances to find the ingots. The first of which will be during a free-roaming stealth section on Kirrin Island and the next towards the end. Alternate endings will be included :D.

Overall the game will feel a little bit gritty in terms of the stealth gameplay but also will hopefully be a fun interactive experience.


I have a blog from blogger and it can be found at

Thanks for reading. :D.

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