Ricky Wild

Ideas Development

- Five on a Treasure Island

Five On A Treasure Island tells of three siblings Julian, Dick and Anne Kirrin who are all sent to their cousin Georgina's house in Kirrin Bay for the summer holidays. They meet there cousin Georgina or George as she prefers, as well as her mother Aunt Fanny, and her father, their Uncle Quentin. After some stubborn behavior from Georgina she eventually accepts the fact her cousins are going to be there for the whole summer and decides to show off her father's island out in the sea, which he has promised will be Georgina's. Also Georgina's (friend) dog Timmy is kept secretly by her friend Alf, a fisher boy in exchange for her pocket money, as her father wouldn't approve. The Five travel to Kirrin island, but instead of having a few days to relax, they find themselves a shipwreck, mysterious box and some ruthless villains!

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