Rob Moody

About Me
I'm 21 and I finished my first year of CGP in 2007, taking a 2 year gap in my studies. My favourite game genres are RPG and MMORPG.
I have a keen interest in music and I have been playing the guitar for about 6 years.
Besides C#, I have a lot of experience working with web languages such as PHP and handling databases.
My primary programming interest is in the development of AI, specifically for games.

My blog URL has changed! (Switched from Blogger to WordPress, read my old blog ( if you want to know why)
You can view my new blog at:

Current Projects
Unreal Conversion - Famous Five

1.0: Research

I have read/watched the following related materials:

  • Five Have a Mystery to Solve
  • Five Go to Demon's Rocks
  • Five Go Mad in Dorset
  • Five Go Mad on Mescalin

1.1: Game Design Document


  • Design Outline & Specifications – Page 3
  • Story Overview - Page 4
  • Introducing the Characters – Pages 5-6
  • Game Setting / Locations – Page 7

1.2: Design Document/Todo:

  • Opening and and closing cutscenes
  • Writing dialogue
  • General gameplay (Moving around)
  • Puzzle design/mechanics

I want to learn more about UnrealScript before I finalise any ideas for puzzles or game obstacles, so that I can make the best use of the engine.

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