Robert Davies

The book that i have chosen is the second book in the series "Five Go Adventuring again" here is my summary of the book:

This book is set at Christmas time, and due to Julian, Dick and Anne’s mother’s illness (Scarlet Fever) they have to spend Christmas with Aunt Fanny and Uncle Quentin. Quentin is disappointed with George’s grades so hires a tutor called Mr Roland. The Five go up to Kirrin Farm to meet Mr and Mrs Sanders where they discover that they have two photographers staying with them, they also find a hidden box which has a cloth with Latin writing over it. George wanders down stairs one night to discover Mr Roland out of bed and in Quentin’s office and breaks a test-tube full of chemicals. They find a secret passage leading from George’s house to Kirrin farm where they emerge in the photographer’s room and discover that they have been stealing Quentin’s work. The Book ends with Mr Roland and the two photographers being arrested.

And some ideas i have for the game:

•Four Playable characters (Anne, Julian, Dick and George)
•Large Environment, All of the locations of the book will be able to be explored
•Timmy the Dog will be a helper but the player has to find him somewhere in the game map (random spawn).
•Hidden areas around the map, while may not be significant to the story, to keep with the theme of the famous five with all the hidden areas they discover during their adventures.
•Achievement System
•Inventory System


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