Robert Smith

The book I will be converting is "Five Go of to Camp" and will be an action game.

At the start of the game the player will control Dick who’s in a group with Julian, Jock and Anne. They will start at the train yard where a cinematic will show a train pull into the yard (George gets on this train) and the drive back up the tunnel. The group will then check on the train yard guard in a old house nearby (who believes the train is a ghost train so he’s hiding under his bed).

Anne stays behind while the group enters the tunnel to look for the train (I may add an objective to find a torch first). Seeing one of the tunnels has been bricked up they follow the other one until it opens up into a valley. They then travel back and are ambushed by a group of men, at this point the boys are tied up and taken through a secret hole in the wall that blocks the other tunnel. The men then leave and player control switches to George who was hiding on the train. George will need to find something sharp to cut the boys ropes (in the book she had a knife with her but that’s a bit too easy), upon relasing the boys they find a lightswitch and discover an entrance to some natural caves.

The group explores the cave (finding it to be a natural labrinyth) and finds a hidden stash of stolen goods near a sealed door that they hope could be an exit. Unfortunately the door cannot be opened so the group are forced to travel back to where the ghost train is hidden and then find a way to open the secret door (I will implement a puzzle here to do with the levers). The group then make their way to a service exit (a ladder to the outside) but find it blocked and with nowhere to go they are recaptured by the men. However the police arrive and the men make a run for it. The player then takes control of Timmy and chases down the men. At this point a cinematic will play depending on how well the player did as Timmy.

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