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I'm starting the second year with a different mentality than the last. A better work ethic meaning an intention to work harder and actually attend lectures. As far as academia is concerned this is definitely one of the most rewarding things I've done. I do share my love of all things computers with the odd affliction that is repeatedly lifting iron objects aka weight lifting.

Famous Five
I looked at few abstracts from the famous five series and decided that “Five Go To Smuggler's Top” was the most suitable story to become a game. The book is set in the marshes where the five have to stay due to a storm that caused damage to their home. They stay with Mr Lenoir,step father to their friends Sooty and Marybelle. Lenoir is a professor who wants to drain the local marshes so that the land can be used, however not everybody supports this idea. Strange things take place around the house that appears suspiciously like the actions of smugglers. The group stumble into discovering the mystery whilst trying to keep their dog hidden away from Mr Lenoir. This leads to another adventure for the group.

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