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Unreal Game

I've chosen to do this assignment based on the book 'Five go to Billycock Hill'. I'm planning on making an adventure game, and although I'd like to try a point and click style game, I don't think it would fit most of the ideas so far.

In this book the Five spend the holidays at a friends farm, near an airfield. During the stay there two of the planes go missing, pilots along with them who are then accused of turning traitor. As one of these pilots is their friends cousin, they start looking into this to see if it's what really happened, and uncover a plot by foreign spies who stole the planes and locked the pilots away.

I thought that this book would make for an interesting game, as there's quite a few things to do in the section of the storyline I've chosen. I also thought that it would be a nice terrain environment to create, and the caves would be interesting to work with as well, despite probably being quite a big task overall.

I also thought this may be interesting from a design point of view, one part where the player must follow Timmy could be made quite interesting to do and difficult based on the lighting. There will also be a time when they need to sneak around to avoid being seen. As well as this, there will be a lot of information gathering required for the Five to be able to put together the puzzle and solve the mystery.

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