Sean Rafael

The book I have chosen for this module, out of the plethora of Famous Five books there are, is 'Five on a Secret Trail'

The game to be made based around the book ‘Famous Five – Five on a Secret Trail’ will be a 1-player puzzle/adventure. The player will have to collect clues and solve the mystery to successfully complete it!

I think this book would be suitable for conversion into a game. It has mystery, things to find, places to navigate and excitement towards the end. Conversely to the other book, most of this story is in an open space, which then travels underground, this could give the players feeling of a much larger world than there is.

I decided to use this book because of it’s large outweigh in suitability for conversion to a game compared to the other book I had read. It has the prospect for an interesting level environment and also later on a system of tunnels, which could make for good exploration for the player.

The game to be made will be focused on the end of chapter 15 ‘Well Done, George!’ and the full chapters 16, 17 and 18 which are titled ‘The Secret Way’, ‘Full of Surprises’ and ‘The Way Out’ respectively. This does however make some things rather easy, this means that some parts will be based on the televised episode of the same story where some events would be more interesting to play.
Playing through this time line could be an enjoyable experience for the player, especially given the environment it’s set in. They will be able to run around the level and discover things that may or may not be important to the adventure. It will be up to them to decide whether they need the objects or not.
Due to the nature of the game, I think it would be too easy to give players a map; therefore very little clues will be given to the players straight away. It will be up to the player to explore the level and speak to other characters to gather their bearings. Once the players have figured out where to go, they must figure out how to get there and what they will need to be able to do so.
Like many games one thing will lead to another and the player will hopefully find it satisfying when they complete certain stages; rather than having their hand held and feeling rather patronised. At the end when they player has to trap the villains there will be a sharp incline in the pace of the game as they have to act fast in order to stop the villains from escaping and being caught!

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