Steph Charij

About Me

My name is Steph Charij and I am 19 years old. Computer games have always been a passion of mine since a very young age growing up with my first console, a Sega Megadrive, and playing on it with my brother. As we grew up we gained quite a large collaboration of consoles and titles between us and my fondness for games only grew. I thoroughly enjoyed being better than my brother and his friends at games we played and my competitiveness carried through into pretty much all aspects of my life.

I studied Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, and Philosophy and Ethics at A level, which may seem odd to lead into a computing career, but I decided to choose the subjects that I enjoyed the most. Biology and Maths were by far my favourite subjects.

I chose to study Computer Games Programming because of my love of games and my love of logic. I had very little programming experience before joining the university, but my whole family are programmers so I figured it was inevitable and with practise I could manage it myself and get into the industry I enjoy the most.

You may wonder which games I play, well here is a list of a few of my favourites:

  • Final Fantasy
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Zelda
  • Counterstrike: Source
  • Peggle (I'm addicted! @_@)
  • Braid
  • Dance Dance Revolution
  • Super Smash Brothers (I kick ass on it)
  • Half Life

I also enjoy a good board game! My house mates and I have recently become addicted to Carcassonne and if you haven't played it you should definitely try it out.

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